Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Definately not food and definately uGLy!

Look at him, he is giving me the evil eye.
I cannot believe how many of them are up here in North Queensland.
Obviously all the Cane Fields, hence the name Cane Toad.

There are masses of them. I walk through the grass in the dark so apprehensively. Every time you put your foot down. One jumps at you from out of nowhere. They give me the willys. Sends shivers up my spine.
This is in my carport next to my garbage bin. Another one of the local attractions here in Townsville. I am telling you they are in plague proportions.
They actually pay kids for each one they catch and put to sleep humanely. In other words stick them in the freezer. I could never stand to even get close to one. Let's just say I have no choice but to get used to the nasty little suckers. But I don't want to get used to them YUK!


theotherbear said...

I think a brewer in the Northern Territory set up a scheme a while ago where if you gave in a certain amount of cane toads (3? 5? Something like that) they would give you a beer voucher.

Anonymous said...

They're a dirty filthy pest. What's next for the freezer? Cockroaches for the do-gooders? Dettol spray or salt works


Squishy said...

I have a carton of beer in my front garden alone LOL :)

Dave will remove them for me.