Thursday, 15 November 2007

Marvelous Magical Matt Moran

His Book
Sirloin Steak with Red Wine Butter & Pont Neuf Potatoes
(aka Fat Chips)
Raspberry Tart

Matt Moran, he is just an amazing chef. His restaurant Aria is a place I dream of going to, when next I make the journey all the way down to Sydney. It holds two coveted Chef's Hats awards. I fell in love with him when I watched the television series Heat In The Kitchen on the Lifestyle Food Channel His book clearly shows how talented he is and how passionate he is about great quality food.
The Good Food & Wine Show is always fantastic and this year was no exception. My friend Kym and I spent five and a half hours there. Nibbling and wine tasting our way through the mountains of displays. The best part of the show was the fabulous Matt Moran. He made the steak pictured above as well as that lovely raspberry tart. He is extremely witty, very funny and charming. He also told us of a brand new series he is filming with Catriona Rowntree called The Chopping Block can't wait for that. We watched him cook for his half an hour in the celebrity theatre, then I rushed outside with the copy of his cookbook in hand, so I could be first in line to meet this awesome chef. I was the first in line of course. There was a huge line up behind me. Then he came and sat down for the signing. I was busting at the seems I tell you. Giddy as a school girl. Then this bloody lady just pushed in. Rude woman. Felt like slapping her, I didn't of course. I have met famous people and I have never carried on like a blathering idiot, the only other time was when I met Rick Stein. Can you blame me? It was embarrassing, gushing and smiling like some type of stalker. But oh well, I was excited. Matt didn't seem to mind. I got some fabulous photos with him and shook his hand. Then it was all over. But I will remember it forever.

Marvelous Magical Matt Moran
P.S. Matt, I really am quite normal............. really!


Vida said...

Wow, I am so jealous, seems you had a fabulous time... If you ever fly down for the Melbourne one, let me know and we can have a get together that might just involve a little bit of eating!!! Vida x x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time,personally i would have cracked that woman over the head with the book to put her back in her place...i can't stand people like that!!!!!!!! LOL.
Julie xxoo

Freya said...

What a thrilling moment! I remember when I met one of my favourite chefs (Keith Floyd) I was awestruck!

David Hall said...

He sounds like a top fella! That steak looks amazing, got me drooling.

Freya and Paul, I met Mr Floyd a few weeks back, what a top man and what a food hero, the original and the best!


Squishy said...

Hey Guys,

It was amazing meeting him and I will never forget it. Mr Floyd would definately be an interesting man to meet. What a legend.

Cheers Amelita

Anonymous said...

I'm upset I missed it all but still I know there is something better coming up very soon I'll be at!