Friday, 19 December 2008

Closing in on Christmas

Always at this time of year I am reminded of my family, friends, loved ones far away. I love this time of year. Christmas is so much fun and so special. This year our children are going to have a different experience with presents. We made a decision this year not to give any type of electrical goods. No DVDs, no Cd's, no Ipod's, no Nintendo's, nothing like that. Every Christmas for years that's what they get. It is the age of technology. We are having a Christmas this year that our kids have absolutely no idea what they are getting. At first there was 'what, are you serious? really? are you crazy?' but they are now getting really excited because they have not got a clue. Which I think is really great for a change. Mind you in this day and age, take out the things above and you have a real task at hand. Especially with a 14, 13, 12, and 11 year old to buy for. It's all they seem obsessed with. My little peanut is easy, he just wants cars or a big truck from Santa. I can't tell you what I got them as they read my blog regularly and I can't spoil the surprise.
Also for the first time I am cooking a Turkey, a Chicken and we are having a ham on the bone. See I am a big seafood Christmas girl and the last 4 years with Chopper he has missed out on his Turkey. So I have caved into the pressure and yep I am cooking a Turkey with Bill Granger's cranberry and pistachio nut stuffing. So this year is going to be very traditional indeed. The girls and I are making rum balls. The boys want to help cook the Turkey and cross your fingers for me that I make it through the day with my sanity in tact.
Above pictured is my 14 year old son Ben dressed as Santa for the little kids at Peanut's school. He was a very good Santa and the kids loved him.
Merry Christmas everyone, drive safely and if you get the opportunity, do something special for someone who is on their own this Christmas. For some people this time of year is sad, lonely and just scary.