Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mitch's Fish

Our friend Mitch went on a charter boat fishing for the last two days. Look what he brought home for us!!!!! One is a long nose snapper or sweetlip and the other one is a regular sweet lip........I think, I have a memory like a sieve sometimes. They were caught yesterday. How awesome is that. I would say they weigh about 4 kilos each. So what to do.......what to do with these amazing fresh fish. Well I am going to cook one of them whole and the other I am going to fillet. The sweetlip is going to be baked with some excellent Asian flavours. Mitch mentioned to me yesterday that I should cook them in an Asian style, so I will do justice to his amazing catch and do that for him. I am going to be honest I have never cooked a whole fish this big before, ohhh so scary, not as scary as making puff pastry from scratch but still scary. I will keep you posted on how the fish goes and what I do with them. Thank you very much Mr Mitch, you have a heart as big as Pharlap for thinking of us :)
Also I have not really been blogging for the last few months it's been so hectic and full on that I just honestly have not had the time. I have been meaning to I just have been extremely tired. So hopefully I can get back in the swing of things again. I hope everyone is safe and well.