Friday, 15 December 2006

Check out my Buns!

My Foccacia - So easy :)

As in my previous post on Bread Dough this is what happens when we go through a bread faze!

They are marvolous. Bacon and Pineapple for the kids and Bacon, Pineapple, Kalamatta Olives and Garlic for the adults. Of course only Mozzarella and Good Olive Oil will do, plus a sprinkling of salt flakes. Made in a shallow baking tray.

Bread Dough

4 cups Bread Flour

400 mls Water

2 tsp Dried Yeast


Place all ingreadiants in a good stand alone mixer, attach dough hook and mix for a good 4 - 5 mins on slow speed. Stop mixer and touch dough with finger tip. If it is sticky add a little more flour and mix until combined well. Keep testing as needed. When your finger comes away from the dough without it sticking you have finished. Pull from mixer and knead on a floured surface by hand for a couple of mins. Then place on a lined baking tray on top of warming oven at 200 degrees. Cover with a tea towell and leave to rise for 30 mins.

Once risen place dough on a floured surface. Don't worry if it seems really soft, stretchy and sticky a bit. Give it a quick Knead and roll out or, as I do, stretch out to rectangle shape of baking tray. Baking tray should be lined with grease proof paper and then splashed with generous lashings of Olive Oil. Then grab someone else and pick up each corner, transfer dough to baking tray. Top with Onion & Chilli Jam, then Mozzarella and whatever else you feel like. Bake until Golden and has risen to about an inch thick. Yum. Recipe makes one large foccacia.

Tips - Always squeese out juice from pineapple pieces (stops it getting to wet)

- At different times of year flour takes on more water than other times. Like tonight I used an extra cup of

flour. So don't panic if you need to add extra flour or water in the mix.

- Other things I make with this dough, pizza bases, calzones and bread of course.