Sunday, 1 April 2007

Just had to share :-)

Couldn't help myself but share this little photo with you all. I has a Flavor. Sorry that I have not been posting it has been one hell of a week. Dave has been away and I have been all over the shop. I have been sulking, yes that's right I said sulking. I have been sitting here pouting away until his return. I am an extremely social girl and I have been going nuts. I hate going to bed at night by myself. I have not been inspired to cook all week. Sunday night was make your own night. We had cereal or toast. On Monday we bought a BBQ chicken and some pasta salad with fresh bread rolls from the supermarket. Tuesday I made a basic chicken pasta with a tomato sauce. We even had chicken with ham and cheese inside from Leonard's, and potato gems. I won't go on, but lets just say I was completely uninspired with Dave not about. Really not an eventful cooking week. So that's why no posts. But I picked up the ball when he came home on Friday night. So over the next few days I will show you what I have been up to. Again sorry for the neglect but it is the first time it has happened so I will be sure not to let it happen to often.
It's Easter this week so enjoy all those Chocolate eggs, especially the Lindt ones, my personal fav. Oh and Pink Lady Easter eggs to, can't forget those. Thank you everyone for reading and supporting my blog. I really do appreciate it.
Cheers Amelita