Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Farm By Nature - Shiraz Chocolate Barrels

Editorial Contest
I was approached via email to enter an editorial contest by Cocoa Farm. In agreeing to join in the fun they sent me a small sample of their product. I have missed the deadline for when the post was supposed to be done by so I would say that means no prize for me, but I have decided to do my post anyway.
What can I say. It is not what I expected and the chocolate in it is unfortunately not what I expect. I like the flavour of the Shiraz but the quality of the chocolate really lets the product down. I like the good stuff, creamy, smooth and just sexy to eat really. If I needed a normal chocoholic fix in the middle of the night and this is what I had in the fridge it would satisfy. I suppose I was expecting a little more from what seems to be packaged as a gourmet and luxurious product.
Suggestions for this product. I would like to see a better quality chocolate for the price. I personally would like to see the chocolate have a syrupy soft centre of a Shiraz in a sort of sweet type of reduction, rather than the vine ripened fruit soaked in Shiraz and even that vine ripened fruit is few and far between. I think a bolder more substantial taste sensation is in order.
The positives. It is an unusual quirky chocolate and I think it would make an interesting gift. It is something different and we are all looking for something a little different. It's a 100% Australian owned, so that is a definate plus. They make a Merlot one that I have seen in Woolworth's also. So if you feel the urge, try it and make up your own mind.
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