Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Can you tell I don't live in the City anymore?

Country living really is a wonderful thing. You see things that you never get to see living in a big city. This is one of them. When we took the kids to the Townsville show, it was an eye opener. It was a day of family and down to earth fun. Duck racing and Duck fashion parades...............................................what the!!!!!!!!
The man who owns the ducks took it all very seriously. He stated that he has a very nice old lady who designs the ducks outfits for him. He said, he gets ideas for their outfits, out and about, in shop windows. He comes home and describes them to the lovely old lady. She in turn then makes their gorgeous little outfits and Walla, you have a duck fashion parade.
It was extremely funny and quite entertaining. The pictures really do explain themselves. The kids found it fascinating. Enjoy the pics!