Wednesday, 17 October 2007

And they lived happily ever after.................

Well everyone, at 5.00pm on the 15Th of December this gorgeous man is going to become my husband. Yes, the mad bugger actually would like to call me his wife. I am a very lucky girl, because I get to marry my best friend. We have gone through the ups and downs, all the travesties and tragedies that you could imagine. Being a blended family has thrown us definite curve balls, we have caught them and thrown them right back. At the same time we have taken life by the balls and enjoyed it immensely. With five children at our feet we have enjoyed laughter, tears, anger, frustration, happiness and every other emotion you could imagine. We are not the perfect family but I wouldn't want us to be. Life is meant to be a roller coaster of emotions, so you know how to live in it and how to appreciate the good times. There has definitely been more good times than bad. So on the 15Th of December our blended family makes the biggest commitment of all. When I asked my two step children to be, if it was alright to marry their father, A said 'of course you do' and JD said 'it was definitely more than alright'. My two you don't even have to ask, you just know its OK. They love Chopper very much.

I love Chopper with all my heart and I finally feel that I have someone who shares the same goals and dreams as myself. We both have an obsession with food, we both want to travel overseas, we both have a family orientated focus, we both know from previous relationships how important it is to protect and nurture our relationship, we listen to each other, we are best friends. We are each others confidence and support.

I am marrying the most wonderful man in the world. I would like to thank you baby for giving me what I could never have dreamed of.............a home in your heart and an unconditional love that I thought only movies were made of.