Thursday, 14 June 2007

Cardwell - The beginning of our journey

We made our journey north to Mission Beach last Friday for our three days of freedom. Right from the beginning it was a memorable trip. The views were spectacular and breathtaking. The photo above is at a lookout just before Cardwell. The magical Hinchinbrook Island. Looks prehistoric and very untouched. We will have to go over there sometime.
Next stop Cardwell for a famous Mud Crab sandwich. MMMMMMmm was very yummy, but unfortunately the Crab meat had been frozen. There is nothing like fresh Crab. North Queensland just seems to love everything in a giant size. Look at the size of that Mud Crab in front of Muddy's Seafood Restaurant. Do you think Gordon Ramsay would have one of these outside of his restaurant?

Packed full of crab. Good value really.

Came with a lovely side of chips. They were crispy and yummy.
No reservation necessary at our little spot to have an early dinner on the road. How beautiful is the view? Looking over at the gorgeous other side of Hinchinbrook Island as the sun goes down.

Very romantic and very special. It was so wonderful to just sit and enjoy each other, by ourselves, no interruptions, no schedule..................................
Just Us!