Monday, 18 August 2008

The Olympics - Go Aussie Go!!!!!! - Chocolate Fondue

Awarded to Reno

Well what does Chocolate Fondue have to do with the Olympics you ask? Well this is a gold medal worthy recipe, that's what!

Due to unfortunate events with a moody modem, blogging my recipes has been impossible lately. So finally here is the first recipe from my dinner party menu, (fingers crossed) that it doesn't have another meltdown while I type this post.

The Olympics are off and running. Wow, hasn't it just been fantastic? We are big lovers of the Olympics in this house, there is nothing like rooting for your country and being patriotic. Mind you watching that amazing Michael Phelps fellow from the USA has been awesome. That man is a swimming machine. He wanted 8 golds and he got his 8 golds. Congratulations Mr Phelps.

How stunning has our Aussie Olympic team been? They make me so proud. They have put in an exceptional effort and the rewards just keep coming. Congratulations Guys! Go Aussie! Go!

The most heartbreaking moment of the games so far, for me, has not been a lost medal for one of our amazing athletes, it was the Colombian weightlifter Oscar who's chances at winning gold were shattered in Beijing. I felt for this man and nearly cried in the process of watching him struggle. This man is a two time world champion weightlifter. You have to watch the video to understand his pain and to know what I am talking about. It turns out that Oscar had an injection in his hand for an injury he had just previous to the competition. He could not feel his thumb and his hand just could not keep a grip of the bar. Tragic to see someones dream end so badly. I urge you to watch the video and tell me your thoughts on what happened.

Now to that Gold Medal recipe for the fondue. Really, it is the easiest recipe ever. My friend Reno taught me how to make it and I just keep reproducing it. So thanks Mr Reno and I award you with a Gold medal for this recipe in the spirit of the Olympics.

Basically you put 250 grams of Dark Chocolate chopped, 3 Mars Bars chopped, and 1 1/2 cups of cream into a sauce pan. Melt together, over a medium heat stirring all the time until thick, gooey and luscious. Serve with pieces of your favourite fruit and your done. We find banana is the favourite fruit, oh and strawberries of course. It's fool proof. It is so moreish and you can't help but guts yourself. Enjoy!