Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Anal Eggs

See now, who says you can't have brekky at dinner time. For some odd reason I have been craving eggs at dinner time. Why is that? Maybe I am lacking in some type of protein or something. I don't know. This gave me the fix I wanted, also used up some more food in the fridge before we leave for Townsville on Friday. Thick sour dough toast, fried mushies in garlic, par fried poached eggs, grilled crispy bacon and those gorgeous little pork sausages. What more could you want?
The eggs were a new method I tried, that I saw on Melting Pot on Lifestyle Food. They were not as soft as I normally like them. So I think I will give it a miss next time. The method is to place oil in a hot fry pan and just add as many eggs as you require. You fry them for a minute, you add a tablespoon of water, pop a lid on the top and cook them for a couple of minutes, so the tops are poached. They come out like a dinner plate egg shaped feast. Then you cut them into individuals and Walla your done.
When it comes to cooking eggs, I am totally anal. I like them the way I like them and that's it. I cannot even stand them slightly overcooked. But I hate the whites runny. So there is a fine line between when they are ready and disaster for me. I bought myself a little fry pan ages ago with a little lid, on recommendation by the chef at the Sheraton on Hyde Park in Sydney. He actually taught me. Yes, at the brekky buffet in front of everyone. But who cares. They come out perfect every time. The lid creates a lovely steaming effect with the eggs and they set perfectly on the top. Gorgeous runny yellow in the middle. The fry pan is the perfect size for two eggs.
I am not the only person who is anal about their eggs. There are heaps of us egg freaks out there. We must go through 2 dozen at least a week. Not all fried and poached of course, but through the course of lots of baking and other things like sauces. Without the humble egg I think I would be lost when it comes to cooking. I love them :)