Monday, 26 March 2007

Oysters Kilpatrick

How could you not love them? But alot of people hate them. Me, I am an addict. I love them. They are just one of those foods that unless you understand them, take in their elegance and respect the beauty within, you can't really appreciate them. They are more than just food they are a true delicacy to me. I am one of those people you see, who could just keep eating them, one after the other. Some people cringe at the thought of eating one, just like I do when you mention foie gras. Yuk, can't imagine eating foie gras. Sorry, I know all the groovy chefs love it and think that it just exudes some kind of status or something. But there is no way in hell I am going to eat it. Weird huh? Anyway back to the Oysters I digressed again. Sorry.
So I know this is one of those classic simple recipes and I know practically every restaurant up here serves them, but there is nothing like doing it yourself. These gorgeous oysters are from Coffin Bay in South Australia and still up here they are so fresh. Beautiful at $12 a dozen, which I think is an excellent price. The recipe is easy. 2 parts tomato sauce or ketchup, 1 part Worcestershire sauce and finely chopped bacon. That's it. Just mix the quantities you like together really. Just basic, then pop them under the grill until they bubble and look like the pictures above and your done. Go on make some, soon :)