Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Rainforest Inn Paluma

After we finished admiring the sheer beauty of Little Chrystal Creek we headed further up the mountain to Paluma Village. The scenery was breathtaking. We were all famished. We found a great new restaurant located in the heart of Paluma Village. Rainforest Inn Paluma, 1 Mt Spec Road, Paluma, 07 4770 8688. They also have accommodation for your comfort and a nice break if you wish. They only opened in November last year. The food was sensational. The Chef there puts on a fabulous lunch that we had trouble finishing due to the huge portions. The interior is very comfy with big couches in front of the fire. Yes a fire in North Queensland. It is quite cool up there on the mountain.

The lovely Jeffrey King is the Chef of this welcoming place and he has an excellent flair for food. Ben and Jared ate Beef Nachos which were massive servings, David and I had an open faced Steak Burger, lovely Fries with Garlic Aioli and the burger had an American Style BBQ sauce, with I think it was Hickory Smoke Liquid. Maddy had a gorgeous Toasted Chicken Wrap which was huge and tasted fantastic. Aliesha and Peanut had the kids meal of Chicken Nuggets and Chips, their personal fav. I snapped a picture of Jeff just as he was picking fresh herbs from his garden. That's what I like to see Jeff. And no that's not a cigarette hiding behind his back, Wink Wink. All of us Chefs seem to smoke. We are very naughty. Even the famous Chef Ben O'donoghue smokes. The Chefs on Top Chef and Hells Kitchen smoke also. I do to, I am a very bad girl and I am sure you are all going to slap me silly. Especially Clare Bear.

The journey home was beautiful. As you can see from these gorgeous photos. If you get a chance stop in and have some lunch at the Rainforest Inn Paluma. You won't be disappointed.
Cheers Amelita.