Thursday, 10 May 2007

My fridge - Completely Naked

OK, so I was inspired to bare all in my fridge from a post on Becks & Posh. They did it and have inspired others to do it, so I thought why not join in. So here it is. Not very exciting. Working our way down from the top. Up there on the left is this little area where I stash my chocolate and chocolate biscuits, but for some reason someone has put some leftover artichoke oil up there. Then there is some sliced cheese just beneath that, garlic cloves peeled, some Turkish delight thins I bought Dave. Now on the same shelf all the way to the right is a jar of tamarind paste, with that I just made some Thai marinade I am working on perfecting. You can see the jars of marinade beneath on the next shelf. Also there are some jars of a Onion, Chili, Apple and Raspberry Jam. It came out more like a sauce, so I am still working on that recipe. Greek yogurt in case I want to make tatziki.
Next shelf there is a giant tub of Kalamatta olives that we are trying to work our way through. Egg whites in that little bag all the way to the right, ready for a pavlova or meringue.
There is beef mince there also, for San Choy Bow, because I have major trouble finding pork mince here. Pork mince is traditionally used for this dish. Looks like I might have to actually use my mincer attachment for my Kitchen Aide. Then underneath that shelf is some leftover foccacia and a bag of mozzarella cheese. In the crisper we have a lettuce, carrots, William pears and chili's.
It's really not that exciting for someone who loves to cook. The only thing I can say is, wait till you see the picture of my pantry. That I think is where my magic happens. I have so many not the norm ingredients that my food is just filled with flavour. There are other things in my fridge that I have not mentioned because I think you can tell what they are. So well then What's in your fridge? Anything out of the ordinary and simply splendid? It is fascinating looking in others peoples fridges, we all have such varying taste buds. We all have our favourite snacking food, we all have a special something expensive ingredient. My expensive ingredient was in the door of my fridge and it is a bottle of White Truffle Oil that I bought in the USA. This with gorgeous creamy mashed potatoes is pure heaven. It is adorable and so aromatic. I have never had the pleasure of eating a fresh Truffle and this is the next best thing. So I hope you have enjoyed my little bare all tour through my fridge? Thought it might be a bit of fun. Cheers Everyone :)