Sunday, 10 April 2011

Knife Skills

When it comes to children and cooking when is the right time to introduce them to a very sharp knife. I asked myself this question this morning when Alex wanted to help me make Bacon and Eggs. His interest in cooking with me has picked up in the last month or so and he is asking me every time I cook if he can help.

This morning I taught him how to use one of my chefs knives. I was nervous, as any mother would be. But he took it all very seriously. I showed him how to hold it, where the sharp bits are and how to carry it. I explained to him about how we clean up after cutting any meat and he washed his own knife and cutting board, under my supervision of course. He really surprised me. At 5 years old there are so many things his little hands can't coordinate yet, but he was quite skilled using a knife.

So I I will be introducing him to allot more things in the kitchen from now on. He's really building an appetite for cooking from what we are going to cook, picking the right produce at the supermarket and how we make it all come together for a lovely meal. So I will keep you updated from time to time on his progress as my Little Chef as I call him.

My next post is an amazing recipe I have been working on. Braised Ox cheeks in a red wine ragout on garlic mash. I'm having a dinner party on the 30Th of April that I am doing 4 courses for.

I have made the decision that posting from now on, due to the limited time I have with work and with children will not be as often as I used to but I want to maintain my food blog so I say it will be every six weeks or so. I hope you enjoy my recipes and continue to come back and have a look from time to time to see what I am up to. Thank you for stopping by.