Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Tomorrow - I am going to try a new recipe.

How Beautiful - Bundaberg to Mackay on the Bruce Highway

I have created a recipe today for choc mint stick and pistachio nut cookies.
Wish me luck and you should have the recipe tomorrow.

Cheers and Goodnight everyone.


Clare bear said...

A spray bottle of dettol/water works wonders I hear!! I tried it once then I put the "sucker" in a plastic bag and froze it and sent it on a holiday to the tip!
Unfortunately you have to freeze them for a few days as they can survive up to 3 days in the freezer and once they thaw out can 'revive' themselves! Great thought!!! Found peanut a play group yet??
Keep up the good work......Love Ya XX

Squishy said...

Yes found peanut a playgroup last night. Hopefully it will good. Looking forward to some adult contact and peanut is looking forward to some other toddler contact ;)Love you XoxoxoX