Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Other Side Of Our Kitchen - written by CHOPPER!

Yes folks, Chopper is back with another installment of the Other Side of Our Kitchen!

Amelita's kick arse Barbecue Sauce! Mmmmmm

Let me tell you right now folks, not everything that comes out of our kitchen is without incident. For example, today Amelita made her fabulous Barbecue Sauce and everything started fine. The problems started when the sauce became a tad large for the pot she was using, and when giving the sauce a routine stir some of it decided to escape the pot and make a run for it. It didn't get too far though, landing right on Amelita's toes! Ouch!! Thats gotta hurt! But (still stirring the sauce mind you) she just wiped off the simmering hot sauce from her little tootsies and kept going. Now that's dedication!

But wait, there's more! After the incident with the toes, Amelita had to use the hand held blender to smooth out the sauce and the blender lifted out of the pot a little and splashed hot sauce all over her hand! A few course words could be heard coming out of the kitchen at this time, but after running her hand under the cold tap for a minute, it was back to finishing the job again! You have to close your eyes and picture this - you have a pot on the counter full of hot Barbecue Sauce. The sauce has been splashed all over the counter, the floor, and all over Amelita's white pants. And where's Chopper? He's going through the freezer looking for a small bag of frozen veggies so he could put on Amelita's burnt hand! I'm sure the images you have are quite comical, and they were, but I am happy to say that the frozen veggies didn't have to come out of the freezer, and apart from some minor discomfort, Amelita will live to cook another day .............. thank God!!!

As for Chopper? Well, first I couldn't put out a bloody fire, and now I have stuffed up attending to my damsel in distress with the sauce burns! Yes folks, the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house, but not very often. Let's say out of all the beautiful food that Amelita has served up to me night after night after night, there has been very minimal incidents in our kitchen, and the only fatality has been Chuck the Goldfish who died of natural causes!

At the end of the day, yes I can cook to save myself, but the master of the kitchen is, and always will be my little Spanish Signori ta. Love you Squish! XOXOXOXOX

(This post is dedicated to Chuck the Goldfish. R.I.P my orange friend!)