Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Burlingtons Asian Supermarket.

OK so what do you think all this set me back? Your probably thinking I have spent a fortune. But all this only cost me $136 total. Including the Mortar & Pestle and that was only $52. Cool huh. I have been wanting one of those big heavy ones made of granite for ages. So now I have one. In those high class foodie stores this one would cost you about $120 but not at Burlington's Asian Supermarket, The Valley, in Brisbane.
Chopper and I are stocking up for the move to Townsville and seeming we have not had the opportunity to figure out where the Asian grocers are there yet, I thought, I would stock up and stock up well. Most of these spices were between $2 and $4, they are big sizes also. The quality, as you can see, is excellent.

Who wants little anemic bottles of spices that cost $4 to $5 a pop when you can get 200 to 500 grms for the same money. It totally amazes me at how cheap they sell them for. I love Asian grocers, they are fantastic with all their gastronomic delights. So things are gonna get a little spicy in Townsville people, as now I am going to get it on with the dried ones. Oh, as well as the fresh.
Don't the pictures just inspire you to want to cook with more spices.