Wednesday, 14 January 2009

CampoS Coffee

Cafe Roastery Distribution
11 Wandoo Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Ph 07 3252 3612

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this little gem of coffee heaven in my recent trip to Brisbane. Seriously the best coffee ever. They know exactly what they are doing. The perfect temperature, the perfect taste. A bell ringer every time. These guys are just awesome. Chopper and I downed two lattes each in a row. My goodness we even stopped there on the way to the airport Saturday morning to get a fix and nearly missed our plane. The lady at Virgin rushed us through security. LOL We are naughty. We brought home bags of beans, different varieties and are happily in CampoS heaven here in Townsville. We have nearly finished the 400gram bag of beans we bought of their superior blend and that was only opened 5 days ago. We just this evening had a cup of the lovely Dark City blend they have. Seriously I am now thoroughly addicted and I am freaking out thinking about when we are going to finish the beans we bought and what are we going to do then. No other coffee compares. Thank goodness they do mail order otherwise I think I would have to go into some type of detox coffee centre. I saw them on the lifestyle channel and I thought to myself, next time I am in Sydney I have to go. Who knew they were in Brisvegas? I only found out by flipping through some Brisbane lifestyle mag at the hotel. I am so out of touch. I am living in food and coffee hell up here in the tropics. :( Now, I know I tell you guys to try this and do that, but this is some seriously fantastic coffee and I urge you with every ounce of my being to go to CampoS either in Brisbane or Sydney. If you don't the only person you are punishing is yourself.
Seriously CampoS............. I love you!!!!!! Follow the link to Heaven!
Love from a very insanely serious caffeine addict!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Mouses House

Well we have just come back from a well earned 6 days of freedom. In other words no kids. We spent our first two nights in South East Queensland on the Gold Coast Hinterland. Oh I love the Mouses House Chalets in Springbrook. I have never found anywhere quite like it that will even compare. This was Choppers first stay there and he loved it. Snow White is my favourite Chalet, as it has its own little boardwalk, down to your own little stream, with your own little waterfall. It is so beautiful. We lit a fire in our fireplace and yes it is definitely cold enough to do that in Springbrook even in Summer. You can't park your car near your Chalet, you load your luggage and food onto a little trolley and wheel it down the boardwalk paths through the rainforest to your Chalet. Each Chalet is named after a Walt Disney character. Doc, Sleepy, The Wicked Witch, Prince Charming and so forth. Very appropriate. If you come into the woods today, your in for a big surprise :) and yes you are. There is a beautiful wooden hot tub, a sauna and a cold plunge tub, which shocked Choppers body back into reality after our sauna. The chalet is self contained so you can cook up a storm and each chalet has it's own BBQ. Fluffy white robes and our chalet had it's own spa bath. Luxury in the Rain Forest. A big flat screen TV and DVD player to enjoy, but we really didn't use it. We had our own gorgeous view and other things on our mind, wink wink. We had little visitors every night, possums which came onto our deck for a visit. One of the nights we counted seven different possums. We encountered two very determined bush turkeys and the birds are beautiful with their cheerful singing in the background. It's just heaven and you never want to leave. If you are looking for that perfect romantic getaway this is it. The pictures really don't do this place justice as the feeling of being immersed in this little patch of paradise is in no way portrayed to the fullest. My personal recommendation is a minimum three night stay. A day to settle in and two days to relax. So if you get an opportunity, visit their website, book and enjoy the Mouses House yourself.