Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Little Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

Alfresco 2

I very rarely recommend places to buy or eat. I don't do it because I find there is never any consistency. One day fantastic, next time BLAH!
  1. The food is just not consistent, chefs on different shifts that cook food differently.
  2. Staff changes, sometimes friendly, sometimes NOT.
  3. The quality of produce seems to differ on different times that you go, sometimes really fresh, others not so fresh
So hence, I try to avoid it. But about 18months ago I went to one of my sons many birthday parties he gets invited to. One of the parents was smart enough to have little desserts on platters. Normally you get stuck with a cold sausage roll, a piece of cake that your son has eaten all the icing off and some really bad coffee and tea station. Yuk! It's bad enough having to stand there for 2 hours when really you just want to be doing something else. But we do it because we love watching how much fun our son has and how special he feels to be invited to a 6 year old red carpet event.
So I asked the parent where she got them? This is the place Alfresco 2 and oh my what a flavour hit.
We have been going there ever since. Seriously this place is something special. The pastries are divine. Always beautiful, always fresh, always lovely staff!!!
The price is exceptional $1.30 per piece with the ones I picked.
And last but not least consistently Excellent!!
Last night was our Football Teams break up dinner and I supplied dessert!
This is what I brought them!
This is them, well some of them anyway. Full range below.
Their Range includes:
  • Cannoli
  • Ricotta Cannoli
  • Chocolate Eclair
  • Coffee Eclair
  • Puff
  • Hazelnut Puff
  • Vanilla Slice
  • Fruit Tart
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Almond Tart
  • Rum Baba
  • Banana Caramel
  • Sfogliatelle
  • Chocolate Sfogliatelle

- The Chocolate & Vanilla Custard Cannoli is the perfect amount of sweetness and that gorgeous crunch of the shell.
- The Chocolate Eclair is again the perfect amount of sweetness and that lovely fluffy choux pastry, with the decadent chocolate on top
- The Vanilla Slice, the most perfect vanilla slice I have ever had. Just perfection.
So I am telling you, if you live in Adelaide, go here, you will become addicted.
Just a wonderful place.

Alfresco 2

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 8am-5pm
Saturday - 8am-3pm
Sunday - Closed

(Closed all public holidays)

Shop 4
636 Lower North East Road
South Australia 5074

Phone: 08 8365 3480
Fax: 08 8365 9662