Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mitch's Fish

Our friend Mitch went on a charter boat fishing for the last two days. Look what he brought home for us!!!!! One is a long nose snapper or sweetlip and the other one is a regular sweet lip........I think, I have a memory like a sieve sometimes. They were caught yesterday. How awesome is that. I would say they weigh about 4 kilos each. So what to do.......what to do with these amazing fresh fish. Well I am going to cook one of them whole and the other I am going to fillet. The sweetlip is going to be baked with some excellent Asian flavours. Mitch mentioned to me yesterday that I should cook them in an Asian style, so I will do justice to his amazing catch and do that for him. I am going to be honest I have never cooked a whole fish this big before, ohhh so scary, not as scary as making puff pastry from scratch but still scary. I will keep you posted on how the fish goes and what I do with them. Thank you very much Mr Mitch, you have a heart as big as Pharlap for thinking of us :)
Also I have not really been blogging for the last few months it's been so hectic and full on that I just honestly have not had the time. I have been meaning to I just have been extremely tired. So hopefully I can get back in the swing of things again. I hope everyone is safe and well.


Gautam said...

Cant Control, so fresh....

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Dream Interpretation said...

your hobby it's fantastic. I do fishing myself and like to catch and eat, some nice and tasty fish!

Jude said...

I've just found your site, but sadly, it appears you haven't blogged since May 2009.
Perhaps one day soon you will return???
You do a great job!

Catering Sydney said...

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