Saturday, 7 February 2009

Townsville is an Island

Today our trip to the supermarket was the worst we have seen in the past five days of the flooding. It is amazing how reliant you become on what they provide. Due to the constant rain and the horrific flooding Townsville is once more an Island. Today was quite frightening and we are not out of the woods yet. There is a low that just does not want to dissipate and these monsoon rains are now fully taking their toll. With king tides and more rain predicted this weekend, people have been warned to prepare for more flooding. In Charters Towers, locals asked for emergency supplies of food but ended up receiving 7 pallets of beer. Mind you alot of people probably enjoyed that LOL. You have to laugh otherwise you would cry. We have had 763 mm of rain.

It been has two weeks of one extreme to the other for me. Last week I was in Melbourne for training and the overwhelming heat wave was stifling. Looking at the drought ravaged land as I flew over Victoria nearly had me in tears. Then I come home last Friday to more rain than you can imagine and I wish I could push alot of it down to the thirsty Victorians and South Australians. Now with the Souths devastating bush fires, I ask the question??? What the Hell is going on????

Go and have a look at what is happening in my neighborhood click on the link Townsville Bulletin

My heart goes out to all of us during this time here in North Queensland and to the people in Victoria and South Australia. All of us are dealing with the most extreme weather and here's hoping this will subside soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,i too wish you could tip some of your rain down here, finally though today we have some relief from the heat..hang in there i'm posting up some floaties..take care love ya,

Vida said...

We took wish we could all somehow work together and distribute the water where needed... pity... p.s. cannot believe you were in Melbourne and did not make contact!!!!!!! V x

Squishy said...

@ Jules, you hang in there to girl. I don't think the floaties will cut it, need a yacht. Love Ya

@ Vida, It was a worldwind time of work, work and yet more work. I tried to get out and meet Duncan but to no avail, stifling heat, train outages and power failures, just made it impossible to see anyone. Next time I promise. Will be in Melbourne again this year in April. Would love to catch up with you and Duncan then. XoxoX

Lucy said...

It's all gone haywire all over the place, Amelita!

Been thinking of you - glad you're not completely underwater. I do hope it subsides and soon. Water is as bad as fire in many ways.

Keep safe.

David Hall said...

How bizarre? Thoughts to your fello Aussies Squishy


thanh7580 said...

Hi Amelita, the weather has gone all mad lately in Oz.

I couldn't find an email so hopefully you will read this comment.

I'm heading up to Brisbane for 10 days for a business trip. I was hoping you could recommend a few restaurants for me. I'm staying in Gladstone Hill (something like that) just outside of Brisbane, so going to eat in the city centre is no problem. Hopefully you can suggest a few places for me. You can email me at ieatblog[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Mia said...

Everyone needs rain, seems like.

Mimi said...

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Wine Reviews said...

This is totally scary. Imagine if there were a food shortage like this world wide. I don't read the bible enough but I've heard that it's in there.

Coffee and Vanilla said...

It has been a long time since I visited your blog.
Hope you are doing good.
I miss your recipes :)