Monday, 2 April 2007

The Sopranos and how it relates to my job.
Here he is, Anthony Soprano. I don't know why he is sexy, he just is. Maybe it's the power associated with his character. But I love him.

This is my favourite television series. It is just fantastic. I thoroughly enjoy every moment watching it. I can't help it, The Mafia and Me, make for a very interesting combination. In my heart I don't think the Mafia is a good thing and I am morally concerned with my obsessive interest in it. But I find the Mafia fascinating. They seem to exude this perverted confidence that I just can't help but enjoy. Goodfellas another fantastic film is just a classic. I think deep down inside I am definitely a naughty girl. Being naughty is alot of fun. You know what I mean ;)

So how does this all relate to my job and a naughty girl like me. I'll tell you, in Townsville I am selling Waste Management and my bosses name is Tony. Freaky Huh? I just love, love, love and love my job. It suits me. I am part of the Family!

Weird Coincidence or Fate?


Karmyn R said...

That is freaky!!! Don't go on any "side-trips" with your boss - especially if you've pissed him off.

My husband and I started watching the Sopranos too after everyone was talking about it. We're up to Season 4. Some episodes I can't stand it - they are all horrible...but it's like a train wreck. I have to keep watching.

(came over via Little Miss Moi)

Squishy said...

Tell me about it. We dispose of all the hospital waste as well and it gives me the willys. I definately will not be pissing off my boss or going on any little side trips. Ha Ha!

Season four is excellent, I am about to buy season 6 on DVD. Fantastic series enjoy.

Cheers Amelita