Saturday, 14 April 2007

Little Lizards

I find this artwork quite intriguing and wondered whether all the lifeguards do this. Draw pictures of scary crocodiles when there is a sighting. You tell me? Looks like a large lizard rather than a crocodile. Is this drawing meant to scare our tourists who can't understand English. Watch out for lizards tourists from other lands, the little lizards are coming. If you compare the size of the sand granules to the actual drawing of what is supposed to be a scary crocodile, then that's one microscopic lizard you have to beware of. Now I am sure the lifesaver tried very hard to make him look scary but I don't think he does, do you?
At first I thought a child drew that as a joke. But then I thought no, they are always closing the beach down there because of salt water crocodiles. So there you have it. A very scary looking little lizard to warn the tourists. I worry for our tourists you know. They are always getting themselves in trouble over here in our gorgeous country, and now I understand why. Australia can sometimes be quite confusing for them.
Cheers Amelita


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear amelita. That's a great pic! Your commentary is funny. Still, I'm sure you're glad you didn't pop into the water??

Squishy said...

Yes, I am very glad I did not get into the water. The warning is more for on the beach though, as you can't swim in the water here until the end of May. I also cannot bring myself to swim in those net things. The Jellys are serously dangerous to your health here, and I am such a fraidy cat that I won't even dip my toe in the water. I know it's all good fun of me to poke fun at the artwork from the livesaver, but I do appreciate the job they do very much. Where would we be without them? Cheers Amelita

Candy Jones said...

The words are scarey than the friendly little croc.
Yikes, here I'm creeped out by Walleye.

Delilah said...

Haha, I agree, that picture doesn't look too scary, but the lifeguards work is much appreciated.

Squishy said...

Hi Candy, Whats a walleye? Never heard of it before.

Delilah, Here's to the lifeguards who's work is invaluable.

Cai said...

Hilarious... and scary all at the same time *raises eyebrow*

Love your work Amelita!

joyce said...

Ha ha ha it...very funny comment.
You brighten my otherwise very damp day.