Saturday, 14 April 2007

Little Crystal Creek

So we went out for a day trip in the car before JD and Miss A went home to their mother. We decided to go up to the rain forest just 40 Min's north of here. Our first stop on the way was here, little crystal creek. This place is just beautiful. My goodness the rain forest was sensational and the views of the mountains just made me feel so relaxed in awe. To top it off little crystal creek to me is not a creek, it's a perfect set of waterfalls big and small. The man made stone arch bridge was gorgeous. It was like a scene out of a movie, a place I never knew I would see.
The pictures just do not do the experience justice. You have to be there to understand how amazing it is. No words can describe the feeling this place creates in your soul.
I imagined seeing a horse and carriage stroll across this bridge. The place really is nearly untouched. The pathways and bridge feel like they have always been there.
You are surrounded by the biggest trees that have the most amazing ferns hanging from them. Dark green moss grows on any spare patch it can hang on to.

I urge anyone to visit this simply beautiful place. You can't tell be the pictures but there is a light drizzle of rain falling while we are there and it makes for a brilliant atmosphere.
Little crystal creek is on the edge of the Hervey Ranges, along the way to Paluma village. North Queensland is such a beautiful place and I live here. How lucky am I? I feel so grateful to the powers at be that have nudged us in the North Queensland direction.

If you ever come and visit North Queensland make sure you stop by and enjoy this place.

Cheers Amelita


Elena said...

Very beautiful place... Ciao from Italy! Elena :-)

Squishy said...

Ciao Bella, Lovely to here from you.
Cheers Amelita