Thursday, 22 March 2007

Oh - I miss Brisbane :(

Don't get me wrong I love where I live, but really, I am a city girl at heart. Try as I might not to miss Brisvegas, I can't. My heart yearns for her. I miss my friends so much and I feel so isolated here sometimes. Everyone really is a stranger and the comfort of being able to cuddle a friend I love and trust, is gone. Sure I can pick up the phone, but it's not the same. Everything here seems so foreign and un-lived in for me. It's a beautiful place but there really is nothing like home. Knowing every short cut, knowing the supermarket aisles back to front. The city and her buildings, the river with it's twists and turns. How beautiful is the city with her lights?
I'm not moping and I am not feeling sorry for myself, nothing like that. I am enjoying the adventure that is Townsville. I just can't help but miss her. I miss breakfast at the Red Deli in Clayfield, the Chandler Flea Markets, the Cabbage Patch fruit shop and deli, Zone Fresh at Windsor, the chocolate custard cannolis at Dolci in Clayfield, China town in the Valley, the Confectionery Warehouse at Hendra, Sam's Seafood( yes even Sam's Seafood) in Eaglefarm, lots of things, mostly food related things. Sometimes it feels so backwards in food up here. No offence Townsville, but it really is a place that allot of people don't really have the passion for food I do. We have had people over for dinner twice now and they never finish their meals. Why? They say they like it, but don't finish. This has never happened to me before. They're full before dessert as well. Who doesn't want Dessert, now you tell me? Do they eat less up here? I have been, but I gathered that was because I am getting used to the heat and the humidity up here. Drinking more, rather than eating. The main deli and specialty store up here scares me. It has some amazing things, but holy crap talk about expensive. I seriously think these guys need some kind of layby system. The place feels strange. But I suppose, I will get over it. My friend Clare said it took her a good 12 months before she felt at home after relocating to Bundaberg by herself with her kids I might add. Brave girl. The force is strong in her.
Anyhoo off I go. Time for bed, tomorrow if your really lucky I am making Lattace Lemon Cheesecake Slice. Yum :)

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Clare Bear said...

Oh woe is me....! I still miss Brisbane and all it's delights (even though I rarely had time to enjoy them) I think it is the mind set that they are available and at a whim you can partake in their offerings.
I too miss my friendds. I have made good, genuine friends here and feel slightly disconnected with my friends in Brissy but the true ones will always be in your life, it takes a little more effort that's all. (sorry amy that I didn't always make the effort!!) :( Life in a small town is different and although shopping timees are limited and things aren't always available or I have limited choices, it has advantages also. I am begining to wonder if I can stay here longer and enjoy small town life to reduce my stresses. Access to schools and events is only 15 minutes max. I can go to work and duck out to Daniel's assembly for an hour and be back at work 2 minutes after it ends without dramas. I can run that forgotten hat or lunch to my child at school and be back at work within 10 minutes.
Stay positive my friend and experience the wonderful things far notrth qld has to offer and cherish the memories of Brisbane. Nothing is forever but remember the Lord is leading us on a wonderful adventure and you my dear friend would have to be an "indianna jones" if ever I knew one! You embrace all that life offers and hold your head high in adversity! You go Girl!!! Love you more XXX