Sunday, 1 July 2007

The Sky Is Falling! Help - The Sky Is Falling!

My Computer is dead!

How can this be? I am having a total meltdown. It really has spat the chewy this time. Normally I just cross my fingers and hope like the buggery its all going to be OK, but not this time. So my posts will be limited for a little while. I will be taking my computer to the nearest emergency department tomorrow for a full check up and recovery plan. Stay tuned..............Cross your fingers for me.

I feel so lost................................ :(


theotherbear said...

good luck getting it fixed!

Anonymous said...

I hope your computer will get fixed soon... I would be lost too without my computer!! :(

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear amelita. Happy thoughts to you and your computer. I totally feel for you (although, mine was fixable, so maybe I only 50% understand what you're going through)

Squishy said...

Thanks guys. I am so lost. I have taken hostage of a friends laptop. So at least I have a back up. New recipe should be up soon and hopefully my computer will be back in no time.

Cheers Amelita

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the compy - hope it gets fixed soon (and that it doesn't cost too much to fix! Eep!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments.
I tried yesterday ricotta in puff pastry.. it came out delicious, I will post recipe soon.... It looks like because of your wellingtons I got crazy about puff pastry :)
Have a great day,

David Hall said...

Bizarre how we become so reliant on the old computer these days isn't it?!

Hope it comes back to life soon.


PS My cousin and her family have their moving date to Perth - September 4th, very scary!

Squishy said...

Hey guys, I have a complete back up now. So if this happens again, it's all good no need for me to freak out. I am woring on a couple of new recipes and have just finished a new piece of artwork, so the photo of that little beauty will be up soon.

Ellie, I am totally crossing fingers that it does not cost a fortune, here's hoping.

Margot it is so great that I have inspired you to use more puff pastry :)

David your family is going to love Australia, it is an amazing place, so much to see and do. They will love it, not scary at all ;)Just crocs, snakes, emus, box jelly fish, cassowarys, sharks, nothing really scary ;)