Monday, 14 May 2007


Hello Everyone,
Just thought I would let you all know, I have given my blog a little makeover. There are some new pictures of food and lots of pics of my artwork. So if you usually just check out my most recent post and have not wandered downward for a while, check it out. I try to keep my blog fresh, fun and interesting. So go on, scroll down, yes, all the way down and enjoy ;)
Cheers Amelita


Coffee & Vanilla said...

I love your artwork!! Very unique.

Have a great week...


Squishy said...

Thank you Margot. You have an excellent week also. Cheers Amelita

Cai said...

Looks fantastic :) You've made some great changes! I want more goss on your 15 minutes of fame ;) Its a shame I missed the episode!


Duncan said...

Looking really good!

David Hall said...

Hi Squishy

Thanks for checking on on my Blog - I'll certainly be reading yours more now and you are in my favourites! 3 things you love that I love - crabs, crab pasta and your pestle and mortar - exactly the same as mine and my fave kitchen implement.

My cousin moves to Oz in a couple of months time to hopefully I'll be visiting your lovely country soon.

All the best from England
David x