Saturday, 10 February 2007

Well Looky What We Have Here!

These photos were taken by Little Miss Moi. My new friend that is living in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has vision and spunk. Honestly her blog just totally makes me laugh. She is a fellow Brisvegas girl, missing home lots and lots. Little Miss Moi has made my Mars Bar Slice over there with one difference, Little Miss Moi has used chocolate condensed milk. Awesome. I have never heard of it and if anyone knows where I can get it in Australia, please let me know? Little Miss Moi just couldn't tell whether it was cooked or not, due to the fact that the chocolate condensed milk was already dark in colour and she had trouble telling whether it was gold and bubbly. A little under done, but herself and Mr Moi loved it anyway. Well done Sunshine :)
Please check out her blog. It is an excellent read and it makes you feel like you are there with her. This very intelligent and fabulously funny woman has created a fantastic blog for us to share and I urge you to have a latte, a piece of Mars Bar Slice and sit back and enjoy the magic that is Little Miss Moi!
This is my favourite post of hers so far,
Don't go to Australia. It's too dangerous
Cheers and I hope you laugh like I did :)


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear amelita. Ah shucks! Thanks for that. I'm still concerned about the sloppy slice. I'm a bad sweets cooker.

Lookout for a second attempt and better piccies on my blog in the coming week... Actually, it might be two weeks before we're ready for Mars Bar slice again. I'll try the Alfredo first!

Jeanna Olson said...

That's some hunk o' sugar. I've never heard of chocolate condensed milk either, but am now on a quest. If I find it here, Madison, WI (U.S.), I'll let you know what I cook up with it, and put something on my blog.

Squishy said...

I know I was so surprised. Why do I not know about this? Let me know if you find it, I would love to see what you can do with it. My first thought is chocolate condensed milk caramel tarts with fresh cream. OH YUM! Thank you for your comment all the way over in the US. Cheers Amelita