Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Coffee Guy :)

Coffee has to be my all time favourite drink, anytime, anywhere, I will be there. I have become totally obsessed with the Coffee Guy across the road. I send the kids over to pick me up a latte quite frequently. His blend of coffee is so............ good. It is smooth and succulent.

Daniel has an excellent range of everything you could need to make your own brilliant brew at home. Or if you are feeling lazy and want a perfect coffee, then drop in and see him. His coffee machine is a masterpiece to look at and Daniel says 'it is the only one of it's type in Australia'. Daniel has such a passion for coffee and he is filled to the brim with all sorts of fabulous information for you at home.

You can order your coffee or anything from him online and in the comfort of your own home. Or you can check him out in person Shop 2, 85 Kent Road, Wooloowin, Brisbane. Go on, you will not be disappointed. Sacrilicious MMMMMMMMMMMMM!


"Grendel" said...

Its great to have a good soutrce of coffee so close to home - I don't so I roast my own. I noticed from your post on abstract gormet that you are looking for a new coffee machine - have you checked out the reviews and discussions on and ? Worht reading both those sites before you buy. The new Sunbeam 6910 is also supposed to be good. I have a 20-year old Faema machine which I would pit against most of the new ones but I do like the shiny new look!

Squishy said...

Thanks for your comment Grendel. I will check out the websites you suggest. Yes I am really loving the new Sunbeam 6910. I will probably buy my new machine when I move to Townsville in March. I think it is great that you have a 20 year old machine. I am totally into old antique milk bottles and things just seem to be made better in the past. Everything that is made now can be more convenient but doesn't make it neccessarily better. Cheers for the info :)

Coffeelover said...

Bought a Sunbeam 6910 on 30/12 and it broke down after a week (steam pump/thermoblock died). Machine was replaced and when trying the new one out at home, discovered the pressure gauge didn't work. Contacted Sunbeam customer service again and they were highly unprofessional - kept saying there was nothing wrong with the machine it must be the coffee I was using... Anyway, complained and eventually got a full refund through the shop I bought the machine. I am currently looking for a new machine again, but have definetely scrapped all this one off the maybe list.

Squishy said...

That's really dissapointing to hear. I have only heard positive things. I will keep your experience in mind for the future. Thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate it. Cheers Amelita